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Excise & Taxation Department , Haryana

Distt. Office - Dy. Excise & Taxation Commissioner, Rohtak

Organizational Structure

Dy. Excise & Taxation Commissioner
Excise & Taxation Officer
Assistant Excise & Taxation Officer
Taxation Inspector

1. Contact Details

Phone - 01262- 213388
email - detc rtk @ haryana tax.com

2. Details of services provided/ schemes implemented and their procedure adopted

Regisration of Dealers, Assessment and collection of tax,
Recovery of Tax

3. Statistical details indicating status of verious activities related with your department /office.

Collection of tax (During the year 2010-11) ( in lacs)
Recovery made during 2010-11
VAT 21949.98 Current Arrear 98.30 lacs
CST 1216.5 Old Arrear 104.01 lacs
PGT 1226.73    
Enf. 76.83    
Total 24470.04    

4. List and soft copy of various forms available and used in your office/department

All requisite forms can be downloaded from department's website i.e.
www.haryana tax.com

5. Reports / Acts / Rules / Guidelines/ Policies applicable

Please visit our site i.e www.haryana tax.com

6. FAQ ( most frequently asked questions/ queries raised by people coming to your office ) with answers.

(I) What is VAT ?

VAT stands for Value Added Tax

(II) What is the prescribe form for Registration ?

Prescribe form for Registration is VAT A 1.

(III) What is the name of official site of Excise and Taxation Department ?

www. haryana tax.com

7. List of Officers responsible for RTI viz PIOs and APIOs

K.L.Sheoran - PIO - cum - DETC
C.B.Sangwan - APIO -cum -ETO

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