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Maharshi Dayanand University

Maharshi Dayanand  University is Situated at a  distance of 70-km  Northwest of Delhi on the National Highway No. 10,  It is  spread  over a sprawling 740 acres of land on the outskirts of the historic city of Rohtak.

Named after  the  great social  reformer and  founder of  Arya Samaj,  Maharshi Dayanand University was established in 1976 as a residential University with the objective  of  promoting higher studies in the fields of environmental, ecological and life sciences and  inter-disciplinary education and research. But in 1978, the unitary  and  residential  character of  the University was  changed  when  all colleges in five districts of Haryana were affiliated with this University, and, thus, turning it into a teaching-cum-affiliating University.

The University  during  this span,  has  grown to 27  Post-Graduate  departments  under 12  Faculties with more  than  350  faculty  members;  one  Post-Graduate  Regional  Centre  at  Rewari;   one  maintained University  College; one  Directorate of  Distance  Education  and  one  Computer  Centre.  Besides,  110 affiliated colleges offering courses in  humanities,  science,  commerce and management; Post-Graduate Medical  Research  Institute and  Dental  College,  Rohtak;  Medical  College,  Agroha;  State  College  of Engineering,   Murthal;  Technological   Institute  of  Textiles,  Bhiwani  are  among  the  premier   affiliated nstitution which form the nucleus of University's diverse academic programmes.

The  University  over  the  years  has been  constantly  improving  the  quality of education in the traditional areas of  Arts,  Commerce and  pure  Sciences. At the same time, we have not been obvious to the rapid changes that are taking place in  the sphere of technical and professional education. We have introduced a number of job oriented courses in our University Teaching Departments and University College from the current academic session. Some of these are: -

*   Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)

*   Bachelor of Information Sciences (BIS)

*   2 Years Master's Programme in Global Business

*   One year P.G. Diploma in Advt. And Media Management

*   One year P.G. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing

*   LL.M. through Distance Education

*   P.G. Diploma in Labour law and Labour Welfare through Distance Education

*   P.G. Diploma in Inland Aqua Culture

*   P.G. Diploma in Physical Education

*   Certificate Course in Physical Education

*   Complete List of Courses Offered



The  above  changes,   however,  increase  the  cost of  education  considerably, which  conflicts  with  our social obligation.  As  all  of   you are  aware,  the  bulk of  our   students  are  from   rural  background. The



University has, however,  been  aware  of  its social  obligation  towards them Besides, adhering to the  stipulated  reservation policy of the Govt. in respect of weaker section of our society both for admission and recruitment, we have also been giving  special  consideration  for admission to students from rural areas.  It  is  because of  this reason  that  the fees  of our  University  remain amongst  the lowest.  At the  same  time,  we have well aware of the fact that





Universities  need  to  generate more  points  to  meet the  increasing cost  of  education  and their growth to   counter  the  receding  Government  support.  We  are  in   the  process of  evolving   certain   plans  to meet  this challenge keeping in mind the background of our students. At the same time, we are firm in our resolve not to neglect our social obligations.

The  Department  of  Computer  Science  &  Applications  which was established some years back is fast emerging  as  a  nucleus  for diverse academic activities on the Campus. From 1994-95, after developing adequate   infrastructural   facilities,  the   department   started   offering   3-year  Master's  Programme  in Computer  Applications.  Besides,  conducting formal courses, the Department of Computer Science has been  providing  free  consultancy  services  to  many educational Institutions in developing computer labs and has also been  identified  as one of the  Centres for  conducting  training  programmers  for  affiliating colleges by the University Grants Commission.

In a  continued  attempt to  update  educational  and  infrastructural facilities on the campus, the University has  developed a   Computer  Centre  and  University  Instrumentation  Centre.  The  Computer  Centre  is extending central computing and data processing facilities and has ambitious plans to computerize major University functioning. The Instrumentation Centre is fast coming up to facilitate the centralization of major sophisticated    equipment   for   maximum   utilization   by teachers,  researchers  and students in diverse disciplines.




Equipped  with  Hi-tech  Instrumental  Aids,  Computer Labs,  Conference   Rooms,  EDP  Rooms, Xerox,  Fax  and  E-mail  facilities,  its own  In-House  Management  Library   with  over 10,000  titles, subscribing to 10 dailies  and  35  national and international  journals,  Institute of Management Studies and Research (IMSAR) is housed in a  beautifully designed building. Besides running 2-Year Full-time  and  3-Year Part- time MBA Courses, it is the only  Institute in  Haryana  that  offers  5-Year  Integrated  MBA Programme to  the young students  who w ish  to opt Management as their career after 10+2.  To  mould  itself  into a true 21st Century  business school, the  institute offers  specialisation  in  Information Technology, International Business,  Marketing,  Finance,  Human Resource Management and Production.




IMSAR  is  further  augmenting  its  contribution   to  the  corporate  world  by  introducing  2-Year  Masters Programme   in  Global   Business   Management,   One-Year  P.G.  Diploma  in   Advertising  and  Media Management  and  one-Year  P.G.  Diploma  in  Pharmaceutical  Marketing  through  Distance Education. Development of students personality and their exposure to real corporate world has been identified as the area of strategic focus at IMSAR and as result the Institute is legitimately proud of the fact that its products over the years are holding fairly senior executive positions in various organisations of repute.

To  satisfy  the  long  standing  demand  of  the  people of Haryana, the University has also established the Department  of  Pharmaceutical   Sciences  which  is  meeting   the   requirements  of  the   fast  emerging Pharmaceutical  Sector   in  the  Country.  Continuing  with  the  process, the  University  has  constituted a committee  of  Senior  Faculty members from various faculties to explore the possibilities and suggest the introduction of  market  oriented   new  courses in  various  disciplines.  On  the  recommendations  of  the committee, from the current  academic  session, the University has started two new courses in the area of Information  Technology  in  the  University  College,   three  courses  in  the  area of management science through distance education and Certificate Course in the area of Physical Education. Our endeavor in this direction is to make our product competent enough to handle the challenges of today's highly competitive, complex and dynamic corporate world.

Apart  from  running  LL.M.,  LL.B. 3 Year course and Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Law, the faculty of law  has been  the  pioneer  in  introducing 5-Year Integrated Course of LL.B. in 1983, which has been the subsequently  followed  by  various  Universities  of  the  country. Since its inception the faculty has earned many  distinction in  the  teaching,  extra  curricular  activities  and rendering extension services. Under the legal aid programme,  hundreds of legal aid camps and workshops have been organised in remote areas of  the  State. Excellence in  cultural and youth  activities has brought laurels in national level competitions. Our  team  has the  distinction of  winning first  prize in first  National  Model  Youth Parliament competition organized by Govt. of India in 1998. In the  second  National Level competition of Model Youth Parliament, the  team won the  merit  trophy. Our students  have  proved  their  worth in Indian Civil Services as well as Judicial  Services.  Faculty of  Law  has a  rich collection of  26,000  books  in  its library  and it is regularly publishing its  own  MDU  Law  Journal  on annual basis. In addition to traditional Post-Graduate Courses, the  University  is  already  running  such  courses as  that  of Journalism  and Mass Communication, Rural Development, and Defence & Strategic Studies.

Keeping  in  view  the  spirit  of  Open  University  System  and  in  accordance  with  the National Policy of Education, which lays emphasis on  continuing and  distance education, Maharshi Dayanand University is running  various  Under-Graduate  and  Post-Graduate  Courses through correspondence since 1988. For the  purpose  of  providing  quality  education  and  also to  make the  courses comparable at national and international level, the status of  Directorate of  Correspondence was upgraded to Directorate of Distance Education.

Encouraged  by the  successful implementation and completion of B.Ed., M.Ed and other programmes for the last many years, the University has also decided to start various professional courses w.e.f. the current academic session. Besides running these courses, the Directorate is also planning to organise seminars, workshops and conferences for improving the quality of distance education.

With  the University maturing  into  greater  all  round activity  in  all  spheres,  the academic  and  research activities on  the campus have acquired a new thrust. Under  the  teachers exchange programme, eminent scholars  have  visited  various  departments  for  extension  lectures. Some  of  our faculty members have visited  other  Universities and abroad on various  fellowships/exchange  programmes. There  has been a constant  exposure of  our  faculty  through  participation  in  national/international seminars/conferences in India and abroad.

During  previous  academic session,  seminars/conferences  of  the  national  and  international level were organised  by  various  departments  on  the  campus. One  day  National Seminar on 'Various Aspects of the  Pauranik Literature'  was organised by  the Department of Sanskrit, Pali & Prakrit. The Department of Commerce  organised  one-day  Seminar  on  'Stock Market Operations - Emerging Issues and Aspects'. The Department of Economics organised two-day National Conference on 'Green Revolution, Technology and  Sustainable  Development  in  India'. The  Department of  Public Administration organised a two-day National  Seminar  on  'New Challenges before Public Administration in India'.  Department  of  Sociology organised a two-day conference on 'Patterns and Problems of Social Transformation in North-West India'. A  two-day  National  Conference  on  'Managerial Responses  to  Corporate Sector in the New Millenium' was organised in  February 2000  by the  Institute of  Management  Studies and  Research  in which more than  100  distinguished  scholars  and  executives  from  various  Universities  and  the  corporate  sector participated. The Department of Chemistry conducted a two-day National Seminar on 'Analytical Methods in Industry & Labs'. A two-day National Conference was organised by the Department of Bio-Sciences on 'Utilisation of Saline Soil for Aquaculture'  in collaboration  with  Central  Institute for  Fisheries  Education, Versova,  and Mumbai. About  70  scientists and  60 fish farmers participated. 40 Research Papers were presented  and  15  Lectures  were  delivered,  Prizes  were  awarded  for  highest  production  of  fish per hectare  to  farmers.  Likewise,  almost  every  department  organised various activities like lecture series, workshops,  exhibition, quiz  contests,  debates,  extension  lectures  etc.  during  the  previous  academic session.

In terms of achievements, the University can be justly proud of its track record in all fields. Its alumni re well placed in various walks of life-an asset we intend exploring for betterment of the institution. Some reputed companies  like  Tata  Consultancy  Services  are  regularly  conducting  campus  interviews. In the field of extra curricular activities we offer our students substantial variety. The student in turn has done us proud.

The  University  teachers  have  been  regularly  publishing  research articles in prestigious national and/or international  journals  and  magazines. They  have been  granted a large number of major/minor research projects  by  various  agencies  apart  from  U.G.C.  Teachers in various departments have also published a  number of books  in  various  disciplines. The  fact  that  more  than  300  research  scholars  have been awarded  Ph.D.  degrees  in  various disciplines  since  last  convocation in 1998 speaks of the volume of research  work  being  done  in  the  University. Owing  to  space  and  time  limitations the details of these research works publications, unfortunately cannot be provided.




The  Library  in  a  University  campus  forms  the  nucleus  of  all academic activities. Maharshi Dayanand




University Library offers excellent  facilities  with  a  seating  capacity  for  650  readers at  a time and 24 cubicles  for  University  teachers  and researchers. Equipped with nearly  2  Lac documents, 600  Indian  and  foreign Journals, 3 reading halls, 2  seminar halls, a  spacious Committee  Room,  it  is  rightfully  the  hub   of  all  academic  activities.  In   the   process  of   modernising,   the  functioning   of   the  library  is   being    computerized.  Various  services  like







biographic   services,  reprographic  services,   inter-library    loan   facilities,  Xerox   facility,   E-mail   and  Internet facilities are made available to the users of the library.

In addition to beautiful playgrounds and massive sports infrastructure, a major attraction on the campus is the Swimming Pool of national standard. In sports our students have achieved  commendable positions in




Swimming Pool


various  games at  the national level. During previous  academic session our University  won All  India  Inter-University  Championship  in  Wrestling, Yoga (women),Softball and Boxing.  Our Yoga  (men)  and  Kabaddi (men)  teams  did  well  to  win  2nd  position in the  All India Inter-University Championship. Our Cross Country (Men) team have also obtained 3 rd place in the All India Inter-University  Championship.  Besides  excellent  team performances, our





players  brought  laurel  to  the University by winning individual positions. Sandeep and Sajjan Pal of Govt. College, Dujana won Gold  Medals and Shri Pal and Naveen Dahiya of C.R.A. College, Sonepat secured Silver Medals in All  India  Inter-University competition in wrestling. Our students Sunita Dahiya and Babita of Hindu Girls College,Sonepat and Sandeep and Manbir of Vaish College,Bhiwani have been decorated with  Gold  Medals in  All  India  Inter-University  Championship.  In total  30 students of our University have received  Gold,  Silver and  Bronze  medals at  various  Inter-University and  National Championships. We have been regularly winning a number of medals in the Inter University Championships.Two of our athletes have represented India in Boxing and Hockey.

The  University  has set  up  a  special  SC/ST  Cell  for  the  upliftment of  SC/ST/other  reserved category candidates. The  Cell  is  making  earnest    efforts   for   effective   implementation   of   the   policies  and programmes relating to appointments,  promotions,  admissions etc of SC/ST candidates. All the policies and programmes of the UGC/Govt.  of India/State  Govt. received  from time to time are fully implemented and all related information is displayed at prominent places to help the reserved category candidates.

To  sum  up,  the  campus  presents  a  magnificent   architectural   and  aesthetic  delight   with a  modern  three  storeyed  library   building   flanked   by  science  blocks  to  its  right  and  the prestigious Institute of




 Management  Studies  and  Research  and  Faculty  of Law to its left. A new Arts  Faculty  adorns  the  space  in  between.  Indira  Gandhi  Vidya Bhawan houses various languages and social  sciences departments. Together  with  the   imposing   structures  of  Administrative   Office  and  Vice-Chancellor's  office, the  whole complex lends additional  grace to the  physical landscape. The  campus  provides  many   other   infrastructural  facilities  and  essential



Law & Management




amenities for  community  living  like  Faculty   House,  Health  Centre,  Shopping   Complex,   Bank,  huge  playing   fields   and  Sports  Complex, Yagyashala, 6 Hostels for  boys and  girls,  a  Botanical  Garden, a




Faculty House


Rose   Garden   and   a   Campus  School.  A   large  number  of   residential  houses    for   all   categories  of   teaching   and   non-teaching    employees  ensure pulsating corporate life on the campus.

Due to  the   limitation  of  time,  it  is  not  possible  to  recount all the details of our achievements in the area   of    development,   research, conferences, 




cultural   activities  and  sports  etc.  We  have   had   our   share  of   trials  and   tribulations   but  with  the commendable  cooperation  of   the  members  of   the  faculty,  the  students  and all the employees of the University as well as the people of this area, we have  been able to make significant headway in our plans of bringing this University at par with the best in the country.


      District Rohtak
1.    S.J.K. College, Kalanaur
2.    M.K.J.K. College, Rohtak
3.    G.B. Degree College, Rohtak
4.    A.I.J.H.M. College, Rohtak
5.    University College, Rohtak
6.    Govt. College for Women, Rohtak
7.    L.N. Hindu College, Rohtak
8.    Vaish College, Rohtak
9.    G.B. Ay. College, Rohtak
10.  C.R. College of Education, Rohtak
11.   Vaish College of Education, Rohtak
12.  G.B. College of Education, Rohtak
13.  Shri M.N. Ay. College, Asthal Bohar
14.  Govt. College, Meham
15.  Pt. B.D. Sharma PGIMS, Rohtak
16.  Dental College, Rohtak
17.  Vaish Mahila Mahavidyala, Rohtak
18.  Shri Baba Mastnath Institute of Mgt. Studies & Research, Asthal Bohar
19.  Haryana College, Rohtak
20.  Shri Baba Mastnath Dental College, Asthal Bohar
21.  Vaish College of Engineering, Rohtak
22.  Shri Baba Mastnath College of Modern Sciences, Asthal Bohar
23.  Shri Baba Mastnath Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research, Asthal Bohar
24.  Shri Baba Mastnath Engg. College, Asthal Bohar
25.  M.R. DAV Institute of Mgt. Studies, Hassangarh

      District Bhiwani
1.    Adarsh Mahila Mahavidhyala, Bhiwani
2.    J.V.M.G.R.R. College, Charkhi-Dadri
3.    Appejay Saraswati College of Girls, Charkhi-Dadri
4.    Vaish College, Bhiwani
5.    Govt. College, Bhiwani
6.    K.M. College of Education, Bhiwani
7.    M.L.R.S. College of Education, Charkhi-Dadri
8.    Govt. College of Education, Bhiwani
9.    Govt. College, Loharu
10.  B.L. Jindal Suiwala College, Tosham
11.  Govt. College, Baund Kalan
12.  Seth Megh Raj Jindal Govt. College, Siwani
13.  T.I.T. & S. Bhiwani
14.  Kedarnath Aggarwal Institute of Management, Charkhi Dadri
15.  B.R.C.M. College of Engineering, Behal
16.  J.V.M.G.R.R. Institute of Computer Application Charkhi Dadri

       District Faridabad
1.    Aggarwal College, Ballabgarh
2.    Govt. College, Hodal
3.    Pt. J.L. Nehru Govt. College, Faridabad
4.    Govt. College, Tigaon
5.    D.N. College for Women, Faridabad
6.    G.G.D.S.D. College, Palwal
7.    Saraswati Mahila College, Palwal
8.    Shiv College of Education, Tigaon
9.    Govt. Girls College, Faridabad
10.  Maharani Kishori Memorial Kanya Mahavidyala, Hodal
11.  Mohta Institute for management Studies, Faridabad
12.  Institute of Management & Technology, Ballabgarh
13.  YMCA Institute of Engineering, Faridabad
14.  Career Institute of Mgt. & Tech., Faridabad
15.  D.A.V. Institute of Mgt., Faridabad
16.  Lingaya's Institute of Mgt. & Tech., Faridabad
17.  Appejay Eng. College, Sohna (Camp Office Appejay School, Sector-15, Faridabad)
18.  Al.Flah School of Engineering, Vill. Dhauj, Sohna Road, Faridabad

       District Gurgaon
1.    Govt. College, Sidhrawali
2.    R.L.S. College of Education, Sidhrawali
3.    Govt. College, Gurgaon
4.    Dronacharya College, Gurgaon
5.    Govt. College, Nagina
6.    N.B.G.S.M. College, Sohna
7.    Y.M.D. College, Nuh
8.    Govt. College, Jatauli Hailey Mandi
9.    H.L. Goyal Govt. College, Tauru
10.  Shri Shanti Sagar Jain Kanya Mahavidyala, Ferozepur-Zhirka
11.  Institute of Mgt. & Technology, Gurgaon
12.  Dronacharya College of Engineering, Farukhnagar
13.  Anupma College of Engg., Gurgaon
14.  Amity Business School, Manesar

       District Jhajjar
1.    Govt. College, Dujana
2.    Govt. College, Dubaldhan
3.    Govt. College, Jhajjar
4.    Govt. College, Bahadurgarh
5.    Vaish Arya Kanya Mahavidyala, Bahadurgarh
6.    Vaish Arya College of Education, Bahadurgarh
7.    MA College for Women, Jhajjar
8.    P.D. Memorial College of Engg. Sarai Aurangabad, Bahadurgarh

       District Mohindergarh
1.    Govt. College, Narnaul
2.    Govt. College, Mohindergarh
3.    Govt. College, Ateli
4.    Govt. College, Nangal Chaudhary
5.    Govt. College for Women, Narnaul
6.    Govt. College Krishna Nagar, Narnaul
7.    Govt. College of Education, Narnaul

       District Rewari
1.    Govt. College, Bawal
2.    K.L.P. College Rewari
3.    Shri Krishna College, Kanwali
4.    S.P. College of Education, Rewari
5.    R.B.S. College of Education, Rewari
6.    Public Girls College, Rewari
7.    Ahir College, Rewari
8.    Govt. College, Nahar
9.    D.A.V. Girls College Kosli

       District Sonepat
1.    B.P.S.M. College for Girls, Khanpur Kalan
2.    B.P.S.M. Mahilla Ay. College, Khanpur Kalan
3.    B.P.S.M. College of Education, Khanpur Kalan
4.    C.R.A. College, Sonepat
5.    Govt. College, Gohana
6.    Hindu College, Sonepat
7.    Hindu College for Girls, Sonepat
8.    T.R. College of Education, Sonepat
9.    G.V.M. Girls College, Sonepat
10.  Hindu College of Education, Sonepat
11.  T.R. Girls College, Sonepat
12.  Kanya Mahavidyala, Kharkhoda
13.  Shambhu Dayal Kanya Mahavidyala, Sonepat
14.  C.R. State College of Engineering, Murthal
15.  Hindu College of Pharmacy, Sonepat
16.  Hindu College of Mgt., Sonepat
17.  Hindu College of Engg. Sonepat
18.  B.M. Institute of Engg. Sonepat

       District Hissar
1.    Maharaja Aggarsen Institute of Medical Research & Education, Agroha




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