The main objective of the Deptt. of Town and Country Planning is to control the haphazard development around the existing towns and to prepare the blue prints in the form of development plans and and to frame broad guidelines for the development schemes for further growth of those areas.

To meet the growing needs of the urbanization, the Urban Estates have been set up in the State and the Deptt. of the Town & Country Planning, Haryana Co-ordinated the over all planning proposals, whereas the Haryana Urban Development Authority, executed and implemented these projects at site. Similarly, the Industries Department, Haryana State Industrial Development Corporation, Rural Development Board, Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board, Public Works Department, Haryana Housing Board and Municipal Committees,also played pivotal role in supplementing the above task for which this department prepared the schemes and rendered technical advice and assistance to them.


*   To control and regulate the development around existing towns.

*   To prepare plan for new cities and to ensure regulated development there of.

*   To provide technical advice / help regarding planning and implementation of Urban Schemes of HUDA, Municipalities, Housing Board, Haryana State Marketing Board, Haryana Rural Development Board, Haryana State Industrial Development Corporation and other such agencies in the State engaged in development Corporation and other such agencies in the State engaged in development works.

*   To administer and enforce the following Acts and Rules made there under:-

*   It also renders advice to the entrepreneurs and general public regarding the areas /locations where industries and such other uses could be installed/located

*   It also renders advice to public regarding the rules/regulations and restrictions of the department for carving out colonies repercussion of plots in un- authorized colonies.


To control the haphazard, unplanned and Sub-standard development around the towns in the forms of unauthorized colonies by the unscrupulous elements, the department enforces the provisions of Haryana Development & Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975 and the Punjab scheduled Roads and controlled Areas restriction of unregulated development-Act,1963.

In order to check haphazard development and unauthorized constructions, this office erected many boards on the boundaries of controlled Areas, in Tehsils/District Court and other important places to educate the public regarding "controlled areas."