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1. Name of Department PWD B&R Haryana
2 Organizational structure Provl. Division No.3, Rohtak
I) Provl. Sub Division No.6, Rohtak
ii) Provl. Sub Divn. NH Works-Panipat
iii) Provl. Sub Divn. No.2, Jhajjar at Rewari
3. Contact Detail 1. Sh. H. S. Sangwan, E.E.
Tel No. (O) 01262-277271
M- 9416053120
4. List and details of roads 1.NH-71 from Km. 332.540 to 363.300 ( From Distt. Boundary Jind to New Bye pass Rohtak )=KM 30.760 & Km. 363.300 to 369.160 ( From New Bye pass Rohtak to Distt. Boundary Jhajjar) = 5.86 KM( Entrusted to NHAI)
2. NH-71A from Km. 0.00 to 22.500 ( From Rohtak to Distt. Boundary Sonepat = Km. 22.500 ( Entrusted to NHAI)
3.NH-10 from KM. 86.700 to 112.210 ( From Vill. Bahu Akbar Pur to Distt. Boundary Rohtak) = 25.51 Km ( Entrusted to NHAI)
5. Detail of project in progress i)Improvement of riding quality of NH-71 from
Km. 358.550 to 369.160 & 379.00 to 388.650 in Rohtak/Jhajjar Distt.
    ii) Constn. Of 4-laning of NH-71 from Km.348.00 to 352.540 in Rohtak Distt.
Executive Engineer,
Provl. Division No.3
PWD B&R Br. Rohtak
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