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Infrastructure plays a vital role in the development of a region and help in the coping of natural and manmade disasters. It has great significance in the modern times when it is considered as an essential pre requisite for any kind of development. Existence of adequate infrastructure ensures the low risk and less damage and to gear up the rescue and relief operations after the occurrence of any types of disaster.

To keep the whole system under a good management system, accurate as well as appropriate assessment of infrastructure will give a better hold of the situation. Present chapter, analyse the resource availability in the district and identifies the gaps, which can be filled by the surrounding districts during the rescue and relief operation.

The analysis has been divided in to three broad headings:
1. Physical Infrastructure
2. Socio- Cultural Infrastructure
3. Economic Infrastructure


2.3 Transport Linkages
Transportation system can play crucial role during disaster if it is monitored well and assessed properly. An effective transportation system not only reduces the frequency of occurrence of an calamity but also provides much help to take the affected peoples to safer places and rescue and relief material to the disaster hit areas with in very less time.

The district has good linkages to its surroundings and to the rest of the country through its rail and road network. Delhi–Hissar-Fazilka National Highway no. 10 passes through it as well as broad gauge railway network connects it to national capital territory of Delhi and other major urban centres. All towns and villages are linked to each other and to district headquarter with metalled road. Road length per hundred square km is 14.52 km. In addition to its good network the district enjoys a good transport system with a quite high frequency.

1. Health
It is also a major sector of concern during and post disaster when high number of people injured and lot of people seriously affected by these disaster. There are high chances for a disease or epidemic to take place in disaster hit areas. For this purpose there is requirement to have a detail list of doctor and other technical staff to keep society safe from health point of view. These include general as well as surgeons and specialists in various fields. Psychologists are also of great demand during disaster to hold up the morale of community. Both public and private practiceners should be considered for the purpose.

Nurses are also of great importance as they try to make the diseased persons to heal up soon and also create awareness among the people towards health. This staff is helpful for maintenance and operation of mechanical equipment. Whenever a particular disaster takes place there is chances of related diseases to come up such as :- flood have chances of Cholera, earthquake brings fractures, cuts, surgical problems etc. while fire hazard creates burning problems. Thus list of such type of diseases should be identified and all the required medicines should be kept ready in sufficient amount, round the clock. Periodic supervision and maintenance should be done. A list of the medicines available with the private clinics, chemist shops is prepared to combat such type of situation.

Resource Analysis (contd.)
While discussing print media we need their total number of circulation, extent of area and language used. On the other hand in electronic media consideration is given to total viewership ,hold over the telecast,extent of area in different languages. The other methods includes direct contacts through meetings , street play or banners and pumphlets etc., where success depends over the dedication of the organising authority .

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